What Jim Harbaugh said on the radio show


ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Jim Harbaugh joined the “Inside Michigan Football” radio show on Monday night to discuss the Hawaii game and to preview the Wolverines’ final non-conference game against UConn.

Here are notable quotes from his appearance:

On how JJ McCarthy’s performance held up after another watch:

He was in the zone and in a great place. It was pretty spotless. Pretty much the same thing we saw in the game, when we watched it on tape.

On Roman Wilson’s impact on offense:

Was huge. A rising player who was already a very good player, so that’s really good. He’s just been so locked up everyday. I mean, every day he comes to practice, wide awake meetings. Leaning forward slightly in his chair, taking notes. Everything was really, really good. And got even faster for a guy who was damn fast. And has just added a lot to his game. He is good and improving day by day.

On how offense can get creative with Donovan Edwards and Blake Corum:

In the same backfield, or in and out. There are so many things you could do and you would like your opponent to think that all options are available.

On what the offense needs to improve:

It’s something we did and just coaching too. I mean, a ton of excitement when your players do everything you ask. Really, I mean, even the distractions you mention, which never got in the way of anything as far as Saturday night’s game was concerned. But also during the training week, it was a damn good week of training. There’s a lot of fighting, they play smart, play fast, play hard, play together. The team, the execution, all those things are really at a high level. So that inspires you as a coach. I mean, we need to do more. We have to continue here [to keep pace with the players]. We do everything we can to put our players in the best position to succeed because they are very receptive.

On Makari Paige and the potential of the defense in general:

Makari had a very – second game in a row, he played really well. Very happy with Makari Paige.

To answer your question, I don’t know. I don’t want to make big, bold statements. It’s just a new week. The new resolution for the week is to commit to playing our best football. I think the thing that’s really visible is a hungry team.

On a depth player who surprised him:

So much. A type: Dominique Guidice. It’s his birthday today. He was completely playing defense since he arrived here. I had the idea last Tuesday: Dom Giudice could be a good offensive lineman.

I remember recruiting him. He played center. ‘Hey Dom, do you want to attack?’ “Yeah, Coach, really.” And Dom’s dad texted me, “Good luck.” And then we went to the training ground and in one day – I mean, it was like, ‘Man, I’m not a very smart guy.’ I mean, it took me a year to think about it. I’ve never seen a guy pick it up so fast. And then played!

Tuesday, he makes the change. Saturday night, he shoots. He’s making calls from the good guard. The center was probably telling which calls to make, but it’s making calls and it’s making protection. He does stuff. It’s like ‘Yeah, I wish I was a little smarter and thought about it sooner.’

On the wounds of Nikhai Hill-Green and Karen Barnhart:

I really hope they will both be back for this game. So we’ll see. What is: Probable, debatable? Somewhere between doubtful and probable.


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