Valley native Sam Mayes fired from sports radio show after leaked audio


(WKBN) – A Valley native is under scrutiny after being accused of making racist comments in a leaked audio recording.

Sam Mayes lived in Austintown and graduated from Fitch High School in 1999. He then switched to football for Oklahoma State University, where he was eventually drafted into the NFL.

Mayes then became a sportscaster for Tyler Media’s 107.7 in Oklahoma City. However, he was reportedly fired recently after an audio recording from 2016 surfaced with what is said to be Mayes and his colleague Cara Rice making inappropriate comments about Native Americans.

According to, during the show, the two spoke about efforts by Native American activists to change the name of the Washington NFL team.

Then, a conversation between the two took place during a commercial break, but the microphones were still on and recorded.

First, a man believed to be Mayes says, “What’s the excuse for the natives that they didn’t fight for this thing to change forever?”

Next, a woman believed to be Rice says, “They were too drunk to organize.

The man then says, “Hashtag Lysol,” and the woman responds by saying, “Hashtag gold spray paint out of the trash.” This would refer to breath, the practice of inhaling aerosols to get drunk.

They go on to say, “Hashtag we’re all gonna lose our jobs one day,” Mayes added. Rice replied, “One day one of these microphones will stay on.”

WKBN First News has contacted Mayes but has yet to hear back. However, he tweeted this statement regarding the incident.

“I received a call from Tyler Media regarding the recording of a private conversation in 2016, which in my understanding was obtained illegally, it was not a hot mic situation,” he says. in the press release.

He goes on to say that he asked his colleague a question, where he was really curious about what prompted the Washington NFL team to change its name. He says his co-worker responded with ‘unpleasant and racist comments’, which he ‘didn’t take issue with, but took lightly with the ‘Hashtag Lysol’ response,’ he said. declared.

He says: “The ensuing remarks by my colleague made me very uncomfortable and I ended the conversation saying, ‘This kind of conversation would get us fired.'”


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