UPDATE: Man charged with assaulting radio show host Ralph Bailey


UPDATE (01/09): Police say Alexander Vera, 35, was arrested in connection with last month’s assault at the KC Steakhouse.

Vera is charged with grievous bodily harm, a felony, and is expected to be formally arraigned next week.

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Radio show host Ralph Bailey was punched Friday night at a local restaurant, suffering from a broken jaw that he says will require surgery.

Bailey told 17 News he had never seen or spoken to his attacker until that night. He said the man used a racial slur during the incident.

Bailey said he was at KC Steakhouse when a waitress asked him to dance. Another man stepped in and Bailey sat at the bar and laughed with friends.

The man became aggressive with the waitress, Bailey said. When he left the dance floor, he bumped into Bailey. Bailey had words with him.

The man pushed Bailey then punched him, the host said.

“By the time I got up we were separated,” Bailey said. He described the man as Latino, bald with lots of tattoos.

Police said they were called to the restaurant on Friday to a report of a battery. No arrests had been made.

Bailey said his jaw was broken on both sides and he will undergo surgery on Thursday. He said the surgeon knows how he makes a living.

“Instead of wiring my jaw, they put screws or bolts in it” so he can talk, the KERN Radio host said.

He said he’ll be back on the air Tuesday “through hell or high water” because his guest star is recall contestant Larry Elder.


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