Under the Hood car radio show reaches national audience


SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) – It started as a radio show with a guy talking about cars and answering questions from listeners in Sioux Falls.

It now has a national audience and can be heard on nearly 250 radio stations.

Located near Garretson on what was once the family farm, Nordstrom’s Automotive sells used auto parts all over the world.

The multi-million dollar business is one of a kind.

On the second floor of the building, you’ll find a studio where once a week three guys get together to talk cars with callers like this.

“Once you put a fuel pressure gauge there once it’s primed I was going to say once it’s primed it runs fine there’s plenty of fuel there -down,” Russ Evans said with Under Hood Show.

Catalytic converters, fuel injectors and universal joints. If you have a problem, the guys from Under the Hood will have some advice.

Shannon Nordstrom started it on his own over 30 years ago when he was 19.

“It was an idea my mom had back when she was custom swathed with neighbour’s alfalfa listening to the radio listening to Wayne Pritchard on the radio and she said you know what we should have a car show that would help promote our then small, growing salvage yard,” Nordstrom said.

Shannon says that never in his wildest dreams would he have thought the show would get this big. You get a real sense of the scope of the show when you look at this card.

Each red dot represents a radio station that broadcasts the subscribed program.

“It’s got 265,000 miles on it. Well, here’s the thing. It’s lucky it’s starting, no kidding,” Chris Carter said.

Shannon recruited Russ Evens a few years into the show. Russ worked at Nordstrom’s Automotive and was known for his encyclopedic knowledge of cars.

Already a big name in Sioux Falls radio, Chris Carter has joined the team.

“One day, all of a sudden, I was the new host of the show Under the Hood,” Carter said.

One morning after the Chris and Doc radio show on KTWB, Chris was invited to join Russ and Shannon in the hallway on KELO Radio.

“We even talked about it the day after it was made. I went, it went pretty well, and they were like, ‘yeah, it worked out great, see you next week,’ Carter said.

Chris says after the first hour he knew the chemistry was there.

“Russ manages the service center for Nordstrom’s company, I manage the auto recycling facility, Chris comes from the radio world and he is the voice of the people, together we can give you a good opinion centered on what you should consider doing,” Shannon says.

I was able to join the guys from the studio and ask their Youtube audience some questions. Hang out with these guys and it’s clear that chemistry is a big part of what makes the show so successful.

“When you put all three of us here together, it’s great that you’re three, we’re friends, we’re the same off-air we’re on-air and we’re just having a really good time and listeners choose that,” Evans said.

No computer, no books or notes, they don’t look at things during the show, all the information comes from inside their head.

Under the Hood has evolved, no longer limited to just radio stations, the show is available as a podcast and on Youtube.

At a time when the price of everything is on the rise, the show aims to help people save money on car repairs

“Understanding people’s options is what it’s all about and what has kept it going for so many years, it’s just educating people about their car” , Shannon said.

And as long as people drive and fix, these guys will keep talking and having fun.


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