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The other day I went to a Zoom writing evening for the postcard campaign. About 40 people attended the event, and they were a lively and entertaining group. But what I found most interesting about the afternoon was that at some point our Zoom room doubled as a radio station.

We were there, busy writing postcards to the addresses of constituents that we had been given, and suddenly, Gil Scott-Heron “The revolution will not be televised” started coming out of our computers. As the music continued, I asked the host how she did that.

“Well, I’m just playing my speaker into the laptop’s microphone,” she replied.

It sounded pretty good for such a simple arrangement. I guess another way to do this would be to go to “share screen”, then check “share computer sound”, then play a Youtube music video – or something like that.

Maybe at some point Zoom will offer a music background feature that’s no different from its “choose virtual background” option in video settings. Until then, an external speaker or “computer sound sharing” seem like good options.

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