The mother-daughter team hosts a bilingual radio show on WTBR


PITTSFIELD, Mass. — Every Thursday, the WTBR community radio studio turns into a dance party as Martha Escobar and her daughter Deisy host their weekly radio show, Mundo Latino.

“Have no fear because we are bilingual,” Deisy told his audience at the start of the show. “You will hear some English and some Spanish, but everyone here is welcome.”

What do you want to know

  • Martha Escobar and her daughter Deisy host the radio show Mundo Latino on WTBR

  • The show features a mix of Latin and American music

  • They also keep listeners updated with news in English and Spanish.

  • They hosted the show together for nine years and it helped them bond

Throughout the two-hour show, listeners will hear a mix of Latin and American music. But what they don’t see is Martha and Deisy singing and dancing together in the studio.

“We like to keep our roots alive through music,” Martha said. “Because music is a very important thing for us, for the Latino community.”

They also keep everyone informed by reading the news in English and Spanish and occasionally bringing in guests to talk about important services available in the area.

As a Colombian immigrant herself, Martha knows the importance of helping new immigrants understand their community.

“We try to make life easier for people who have just arrived,” Martha said. “We try to let them know that we have a space, we have a voice in the Berkshires.”

Deisy first came to the show when she was just eight years old, and over the next nine years, they both felt the experience had brought them closer.

“My mom really pushes me out of my comfort zone,” Deisy said. “She encourages me, and she was a mentor throughout this process and she really helped me come out of my shell.”

“It’s a unique experience to see how passionate she is about helping people,” Martha said. “We share the same passion.”


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