The DJs behind Emo Night Tampa have a new radio show on WMNF


Theo Severson and Chris Wood have DJed in tandem as the Crate Brothers for nearly 15 years. Since 2015, they have been the force behind Emo Night Tampa.

Although there is no return date for the live event at The Bricks yet, fans have another option in the meantime. Emo Night Tampa launches its own radio show on WMNF-FM 88.5.

Emo Night Tampa’s radio slot will be Friday from midnight to 2 am. Their first show is this week.

The radio show will be an extension of the popular monthly event, featuring music from bands like Sunny Day Real Estate and Origami Angel to Dikembe and You Blew It! Severson and Wood also hope to put on live performances.

“We became friends with people who were playing Emo Night, so ideally…we could bring them into the studio,” Severson, 43, said. “We’ll just get through it. I think we’ll take it week by week and do theme nights and see how it goes.

Emo Night Tampa emerged as an event six years ago, when Severson hosted an emo records soundtrack party for a friend who worked at First Chance Last Chance in Ybor.

“If it sucks, if nobody likes it or comes, I’ll never do it again,” he told her. “But if it’s successful, we should do it more often.”

People loved it and a new tradition was born. The monthly event has developed a loyal following.

“I’ll be at the grocery store and people will be like, ‘Hey, you’re the guy from Emo Night!'” Severson said.

Emo Night Tampa moved to The Bricks, where it took place until the pandemic hit. Then it went virtual.

“We’ve done a few live streams, and those are very popular,” Wood, 45, said. “We did one at the Hub, which was closed at the time.”

Throughout the past year, regulars have been asking when the event will be back. The couple are waiting to see how live music returns this summer to book their first post-pandemic event, and they don’t expect to book live events until September.

For now, they’re just excited to bring an emo show to WMNF.

“A few years ago we applied and never got an answer,” Severson said. “I think it’s just because it built the night’s popularity.”


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