The Athletic declares Bernstein & Holmes best radio show in Chicago


The college football season kicks off within the next two weeks, and earlier this week The Associated Press released its national preseason top-25 rankings.

Alabama took first place, with Ohio State, defending national champion Georgia, Clemson and Notre Dame rounding out the top five.

But Paul Finebaum apparently challenged Notre Dame’s standings where they were, and explained in part why the Fighting Irish shouldn’t be in the top five because of their Week 1 game.

“They shouldn’t even be in the top ten. It’s an absolute joke, and it happens every year with the AP poll, which is about as pointless as NFL preseason football,” Finebaum said during a recent appearance on ESPN. “It’s ridiculous. Notre Dame is going to get executed in the first game of the season. I mean they’re going to be destroyed at The Big House… They’ll be lucky to go 9-3. It’s laughable whether they are in the top five or six.

On FOX Sports Radio, former Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn felt the need to set Finebaum straight. He first did so by correcting the SEC Network host, who said Notre Dame would play Michigan to open the season. Notre Dame plays Ohio State in Week 1.

“Give him a break. He’s an SEC thumper,” Quinn said on 2 perks and a cup of joe Wednesday. “So I’m surprised he even knows where Ohio State is to be honest with you, or Notre Dame. Apparently he doesn’t.

“Hey Paul, how many teams are going to come into Ohio State and Columbus this year and beat them?” Quinn asked. “Probably nobody.”

Quinn ended by taking a small jab at the fact that the Notre Dame/Ohio State game would be prime time for ESPN, which runs the SEC Network.

“He speaks out against his employer’s confrontation between these two and tries to downplay it,” he said. “Bravo, Paul, a lot of logic in there.”


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