Steve Bannon launches midterm radio show


Steve Bannon, longtime Donald Trump ally and promoter, is transforming his influential radio show into a platform for midterm MAGA candidates with an expansion that will allow him to grow as a right-wing gatekeeper.

The special, titled War room: battlefield, debuts on the John Fredericks Radio Network on March 7. The hour-long show, which airs 6-7 p.m. weekdays, will give maximum exposure to Trump-aligned candidates. The show will air in state radio markets with some of the hottest races this year, including Pennsylvania and Georgia, with a focus on hyper-local races.

“We believe there is an opportunity to literally destroy the Democratic Party as it currently exists in the November election of this year,” Bannon told BuzzFeed News in a phone interview. “It’s a definitive platform for MAGA and for America First. This is the hyper-local version of Crisis unit.”

Bannon said he wouldn’t personally endorse, but wanted to broaden MAGA contestants’ exposure through radio, streaming and digital media.

“The Republican establishment is simply afraid that the populist Trump movement is now taking over institutions,” he said.

Listeners can expect appearances from MAGA candidates from around the country, with a focus on the Republican primaries and races for governor and secretary of state. But the show also plans to give airtime to county supervisor candidates, county judges and election officials, as well as school boards and Republican Party committees.

“We know hyper-local strategies resonate with people because they volunteer like crazy,” Bannon told BuzzFeed News. “Now we basically give them air coverage with radio broadcast and web news services to back it up and, quite frankly, make stars out of these people.”

Bannon is also partnering with Star News Network, a Tennessee-based conservative digital media outlet focused on hyper-local news currently operating in 11 cities, including those in Pennsylvania, Florida and Arizona. Crisis unit will welcome journalists from Star News Networks daily, and the two media will work together to organize the editorial agenda.

Bannon has already carved out a strong foothold in the right-wing radio market. original sound Crisis unit show launched in the fall of 2019 to defend Trump from the ongoing impeachment proceedings. Bannon’s revived stardom after a nasty fallout with Trump in 2017 has ensnared a cult of far-right loyalists among whom critical race theory and vaccine mandates are demonized and baseless claims of voter fraud are touted.

When he’s not taking the show on the road, the former Breitbart News executive sits at the helm of a large rectangular table in DC for at least three hours a day, flanked by studio lighting and a producer or two. With pen in hand, Bannon introduces guest after guest (some of them conspirators), all ready to repeat MAGA’s latest talking point. And when it comes time for a commercial break, viewers and listeners are almost always greeted by MyPillow commercials featuring Mike Lindell, a “pillowpreneur” and election denier who also frequently appears on the show as a guest. .

Bannon was widely misrepresented on social media but found a home on Gettr, a nascent right-wing alternative to Twitter created by Jason Miller, another Trump ally. Bannon has over 800,000 subscribers and broadcasts Crisis unit from there, Real America’s Voice and YouTube’s right-wing competitor Rumble.

Bannon, who was pardoned by Trump in a fraud case in 2021, is still in legal trouble due to his work for the former president. He ignored a congressional subpoena as part of the congressional investigation into the Jan. 6 riots, for which he was scorned last fall and soon after charged.

Whether you follow his subpoena drama or his twice-daily show, one thing is certain: the once ousted White House whisperer is climbing a ladder to MAGA royalty.


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