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WATCH: Stan Bell remembers legendary Memphis radio show host Bobby O’Jay WATCH: Stan Bell remembers legendary Memphis radio show host Bobby O’Jay

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Mourners are set to put a Memphis legend to rest this weekend. Longtime radio show host Bobby O’Jay died last week at the age of 68.

FOX13’s Daniel Wilkerson spoke one-on-one on Monday with fellow Memphis legend and radio personality Stan Bell, who is mourning the loss of his dear friend.

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As many people consider Bell a mentor, that’s how Stan Bell looked at Bobby O’Jay.

“When you have worked with someone for as long as they have, that person becomes more than a colleague. For so many at iHeartMedia, Bobby O’Jay was part of the family,” Bell said.

The news of O’Jay’s death is still a shock to many. Perhaps no one knows this better than radio legend himself, Stan Bell.

“I looked at the inbox, the email from our Market President, our Zone President, General Manager Radio Station at iHeart. And he was saying that Bobby had a hard time the day he fell apart and that was about it,” Bell said.

The news would fall 30 minutes later.

“Another email of, you know, thoughts and prayers was about, you know, his family, you know, his transition,” he said.

We now know that O’Jay collapsed at the radio station. He was rushed to hospital, but it was too late.

Memphis reacts after the death of legendary DJ Bobby O’Jay

For Bell, his death is a lot to grasp.

“We felt, we felt depressed, to say the least. It was heartbreaking,” Bell said.

The two had worked together since 1986. O’Jay had been with the station since 1983. Bell says O’Jay had a special bond with his listeners.

“You could almost be assured that Bob would have a different take on something that you might well think differently,” Bell said.

Off the air, he says O’Jay wasn’t as abrasive as his on-air persona — he was caring.

“He’s still a family guy with his wife. You can see him Whole Foods, you can see him at the car, Walmart, you know, but he was a humble guy. Bell said.

As for where they will go from here:

“I hope the powers that be at iHeart select someone who knows Memphis, you know, knows radio, has good management skills. I hope they get a sense of Bobby’s thought pattern, you know,” Bell said.

MORE: Funeral arrangements for Memphis radio icon Bobby O’Jay have been announced

Bobby O’Jay’s funeral arrangements are scheduled for this Saturday, May 14.

It will take place at the World Overcomers Church on Winchester Road.

More details should arrive in the coming days. We’ll be sure to have them for you.

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