Soledad O’Brien and Jean Chatzky will co-host the Edelman radio show


Edelman Financial Engines has announced a new weekly radio show that will replace the long-running “Ric Edelman Show”.

Jean Chatzky and Soledad O’Brien will co-host “Everyday Wealth”, a personal finance show that will air on AM radio in 75 US markets and published as a podcast. Edelman’s financial advisors and others will join as guests. The first episode is scheduled to air on January 1.

O’Brien (photo, right) is the former news anchor on CNN, MSNBC and NBC. She now hosts her own weekly political talk show, “Matter of Fact with Soledad O’Brien”, broadcast by Hearst Television.

Chatzky (photo, left) was a long-time financial editor for NBC’s “Today Show”. She also runs HerMoney, a blog and podcast focused on “improving women’s relationships with money”.

Edelman Executive Vice President and Wealth Planning Manager Jason Van de Loo told Citywire the two hosts are “powerful in themselves, but when you pair them together they have a real energy and chemistry. unique “.

According to Van de Loo, replacing a character like Ric Edelman is an impossible task. The founder of Edelman Financial Services hosted “The Ric Edelman Show” on AM radio for 29 years, positioning himself – and his company – as one of the country’s best-known financial advisers. Edelman announced his resignation in June, following the company’s $ 3.02 billion merger with account manager 401 (k) Financial Engines and the subsequent investment from Warburg Pincus. Van de Loo has stated that Edelman will likely appear as an occasional guest on “Everyday Wealth”.

“Our goal was not to replace Ric Edelman,” said Van de Loo. “Our goal was really to modernize our content platform in a way that matches the evolution of consumers, listeners and our industry. We need to rethink the way we’ve done things for the past 29 years and try to find a new format, new voices and a new distribution strategy that would work for the next 29 years, rather than trying to replicate that. that Ric had done. done so well on AM radio.

Note: This story has been updated to clarify Ric Edelman’s position when he left Edelman Financial Engines.


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