Residents of the Village de l’Amitié present a radio show from yesteryear


Long before the invention of the podcast, there were live radio broadcasts. During what was called the golden age of radio, families huddled around their high-tech devices (radios) and enjoyed wholesome live entertainment.

Recently, residents of the Friendship Village seniors community in Schaumburg enjoyed a blast into the golden past by attending a live performance of “Easy Aces: Jury Duty.” Eight residents re-enacted the single episode of a beloved 1940s radio series. The show played twice to accommodate the standing crowds.

The 45-minute show brought laughs to the audience and resulted in the likely enlistment of additional contestants onto cast lists for future shows.

“Residents of Friendship Village have so many diverse interests and are always eager to try something new. Their enthusiasm and professionalism showed in their delivery of the radio show,” said Jeannette Magdaleno, Manager of Continuous Learning and Volunteer Services.

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