Pee-Wee Herman will host a radio show on KCRW


Variety Music has gotten some inspired press releases these days, but the one we got on Monday afternoon about Pee-Wee Herman getting a radio show on KCRW is definitely hall of fame.

The short version is that legendary screen star Pee-Wee Herman will be launching a radio show on KCRW, the popular national public radio station based in Santa Monica, Calif., and will be joined by his pals Chairry, Magic Screen and Miss Yvonne. A representative of the station tells Variety that for now, it will only be one show on November 26 at 6:00 p.m. (and available on demand for a week after the airing), but who knows?

As for the long version, which was rendered in typewriter font on KCRW stationery, eyes below:



Milky Way, Planet Earth, next to the Pacific Ocean i.e. Santa Monica, California (November 15, 2021) – Dear Most Esteemed Journalists, It’s Pee-wee Herman here and I’ll be DJ in a new radio show airing on KCRW! I can’t wait, it’s my very first! I sent them a letter, which got lost (apparently!), then tagged them on Twitter, then they didn’t believe it was me until my biggest, best, amazing fans call and call and block their phone lines (hee eh)! Thank you fans because they’ll get me donuts and leave me the keys to the studio while they’re on vacation!

Join me and my friends Chairry, Magic Screen, Miss Yvonne and some surprise special guests (Hint: they’re super famous!), as we listen to some of the greatest music ever recorded!

It’s all happening Friday, November 26 at 6:00 PM PST, so you better get out your transistor radio and listen to my amazing voice!


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