On Sean Hannity’s Radio Show, Sexual Predator Bill O’Reilly Takes a Look at Chris Cuomo’s Journalistic Ethics


From the December 1, 2021 edition of Premiere Radio The Sean Hannity Show

BILL O’REILLY (GUEST): But look at this Chris Cuomo thing, and I saw your comments about Cuomo – that you believe in second chances, and I thought that was very charitable. Cuomo is caught up in something he had no idea he was trying to help his brother, okay. But Essential Journalism 101 — and I have a master’s degree in journalism, okay — Essential Journalism 101 is that if you’re personally involved in a story, you recuse yourself, as you should —

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Here’s – here’s what I would say about myself on this –

O’REILLY: Wait, wait, here I am.

HANNITY: No, I’m listening.

OREILLY: Okay, so number one: Chris Cuomo, who’s not a journalist, okay? He doesn’t recuse himself, but worse than that, his company doesn’t come in and say, “You can’t cover for your brother. You can’t, so it won’t be allowed.” The company should have —

HANNITY: Let me interject, Bill. The difference, you see, I think Chris is a talk show host like me, but I think he calls himself a journalist. I think he may even believe it. He is not.

O’REILLY: He’s not. Look, he worked at ABC after he worked at Fox. I remember him walking into my office and — and I like him. Okay, walked into my office, very respectful, sat down and said, “Look, I got an offer to go to ABC News to do X, Y, and Z. I like that at Fox. I’m learning a lot. You know, what would you do?” Because I had worked for ABC as a correspondent for two years.

And you know, I gave him, like I would give anyone, the best advice I could give him. But it’s clear to me that Chris Cuomo was in the stardom business — trying to get famous, trying to make money rather than digging to try to crack stories. That’s what real journalists do. They are trying to find out facts that the American people do not know. Is it happening somewhere? Not a lot.


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