‘On Being’ ends public radio show after nearly 20 years


After nearly two decades, to be ends its run as a weekly radio show on public radio. His last radio show will be on June 23.

Host Krista Tippett made the announcement late last week, noting that the show isn’t going away completely. The program, formerly known as Speaking of Faith, will transition from a weekly radio show to a seasonal podcast program.

“For me personally, this is an energizing and necessary transition,” the Shawnee, Okla native said. “I happily turned 60 in 2020. After meeting the deadlines of hosting and executive producing 52 weeks of programming a year for nearly 20 years, it’s time for me to create a life stream and more sustainable work, and to be otherwise present at this moment in the life of the world.”

Listeners can follow the future of the On Being project at onbeing.org.

KOSU is currently evaluating options to replace On Being in our programming.

An update from On Being:

  • We are in a season of growth, change and new beginnings here at On Being, as you may have heard. We’ll be here on Public Radio for a few more weeks, then we’ll rest, recharge, and return with a season of new shows — only in podcast form — later in the year. So On Being does not end. But the next adventure will create a space for me to be present differently in a changed world. And I really hope you’ll come with us — and for now, help us celebrate these first 20 years. So, on Wednesday, June 15, you’re warmly invited to an evening of online listening to some of my favorite voices and conversational moments over the years — and some of yours. Visit onbeing.org/staywithus to register and learn more.

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