Notes from Mike Woodson’s Weekly Radio Show (February 14)

Indiana basketball coach Mike Woodson. (Photo: Big Ten Network)

Indiana’s current three-game slippage has the Hoosiers searching for answers, but a Tuesday night home showdown against Wisconsin could be a turning point in the season. Head coach Mike Woodson returned Monday night to discuss the whole thing on his weekly “Inside IU Basketball” radio show hosted by Don Fischer.

Woodson begins the show by briefly discussing his decision to suspend five IU players last week ahead of the North West game, and why the rules he put in place mean so much. Next, Fischer and Woodson dive into IU’s back-to-back losses on the road against Northwest and Michigan State, and the challenges IU faced, especially on the stretch. After recapping the pair of losses, Woodson details IU’s current mentality, leadership and freshness heading into the regular season home stretch. Rounding out Woodson’s portion of the show, he gives an overview of Wisconsin, then gives an insight into his memories as an NBA player, including who were the best players he ever played with and against.

In the final segment of the show, assistant coach Kenya Hunter joins Fischer to talk about his transition from last season to this season and how the revamped coaching staff changed his outlook on his time at IU and the game of basketball.


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