Nick Saban calls out ‘self-centered’ Alabama fans on radio show


Nick Saban provided an all-time answer to a caller’s question on his weekly radio show.

The Alabama head coach was first asked how to ignore the rat death from the media, but the caller went on to say, “We go to games knowing we’re going to win, but we just don’t know by how much, “before the call was dropped. But Saban has heard enough to answer.

“Well I’ll tell you what, I’m glad you guys go to the game that way because I never go to the game that way,” Saban said. “I have too much respect for the other team, I’ve been in too many games, that we won when we weren’t expecting us to win or the other team to have us beaten. Rat poison is rat poison and the media will always create it.

But the reality of the world isn’t what you read on the internet, it’s not what someone thinks, it’s not what someone’s opinion is, it’s not what’s going on in the game, okay. And certainly the biggest problem is that every time a team loses two games, everyone says it’s over. And it is really quite the opposite.

“As Texas A&M lost two games before playing. I said they were a dangerous team, yeah, because these guys take pride in their performance. They want to have a good team. They suffered two disappointing losses. This makes them dangerous. They are humbled by what happened in the last two games.

“The same when we played LSU, everyone said, ‘Oh, they lost two games in a row. They’re not good anymore, eh. We’re just going to blow them up. It’s just the opposite. It’s just the opposite of that, aight. They are competitors. They have moms and dads. They pride themselves on the performance. They have things they want to accomplish and they want to do and they want to be good, aight. They don’t just throw in the towel, okay. They work harder to try to improve themselves.

“And everyone wants to beat us, aight, so we’re going to get everyone’s best game. And I don’t know why people can’t figure that out. You could argue that it’s not fair to our players that they get everyone’s best game, okay, but they do, okay. And they have to be able to compete through it and play over it. “

Then things got worse.

“When I got here everyone was happy to win a game, okay,” said Saban. “Now we are no longer happy to win a game. We’re not at all happy to win a game, okay. We think we should win games by anything, and I don’t think it’s fair for the players either, okay, because our players are doing their best to be the best they can be and to be criticized. what they work hard for. do so that you can be entertained, aight, so that you can enjoy and have pride and passion for what they do and what they do.

“And they’re not perfect, eh. They are only students. They go to school every day. They have to study, okay. They have to run more after training when they miss the study room. I mean, come on. Leave me alone. It’s not professional football. These guys don’t get paid to play here. They all represent you. You should be proud and happy to support them, to appreciate what they are doing, and to be grateful.

“And you know what else is there? Nobody wants to win worse than them. Not me, not you. I don’t care what kind of fan you are. Nobody wants to win more than the players who play. . Nobody. And nobody feels worse than when they lose. Nobody. So, for all the self-centered people who can’t look beyond their own personality, well, to appreciate what other people are doing… ”

He didn’t finish his thought as the crowd at Baumhower’s Victory Grille cheered and cheered. The next time we hear about Saban, it’ll be after Saturday’s Iron Bowl (2:30 p.m. CT on CBS).

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