New York Market Stations Team for Pro-Radio Marketing Campaign



A partnership of major radio companies in the NEW YORK market launched a joint marketing campaign to promote the radio. NEW YORK CITY RADIO COMMITTEE’s “Fall in Love with Radio” began on SEPTEMBER 12 and will run through NOVEMBER, with spots on more than 20 stations targeting ad agencies and potential advertisers. The committee includes executives from iHEARTRADIO, SPANISH BROADCASTING SYSTEM, SALEM MEDIA GROUP, MEDIACO, TELEVISAUNIVISION, GOOD KARMA BRANDS and AUDACY; the campaign features creations by BANDUJO ADVERTISING AND DESIGN.

Audacy Market Pres. and committee chair CHRIS OLIVIERO said, “Radio has been, and continues to be, an essential and valuable part of the daily lives of millions of New Yorkers. These iconic brands, from music to news to sports, are the soundtrack of the city. This campaign offers a fresh, fun and innovative approach to showcasing the effectiveness of radio to media planners and advertisers. The collaboration of the city’s major broadcasters shows a clear commitment to our belief that local radio, whether consumed on FM or AM or streaming or podcasting, is an essential tool in any overall marketing strategy in the media capital of the world.

BANDUJO ADVERTISING AND DESIGN Founder/Creative Director JOSE BANDUJO said, “Our goal was to reinforce to a new generation of media planners and advertisers that radio is a fresh and dynamic media channel. Its popularity is booming, and it should be an essential part of their marketing strategies, to help them reach their customers. With millions of New Yorkers – of all ages and demographics – logging on every week, we had a solid foundation and could back up any promise with incredible stats. And, just as radio entertains people, we wanted to communicate those statistics in an entertaining way.

“Our response was to create a persona for radio through a tongue-in-cheek dating profile. Then convey the many benefits of radio through his personality traits,” BANDUJO added. “The result is a campaign that delivers all the startling statistics and reasons to believe, in unexpected ways. Lots of fun. And lots of love.”

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