New SMOKE SIGNALS radio show launched, focusing on everything you need to know about nicotine and tobacco, on WNYM AM970 THE ANSWER


NEW YORK, December 7, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Just in Time to Quit Smoking New Years Resolutions, IntelliQuit, a Leader in Tobacco Treatment and Services, Launches Groundbreaking Radio Show Called SMOKE SIGNALS, broadcast every Saturday at noon from December 11 to that of New York AM970 THE ANSWER. Hosted by Matthieu Bars, specialist in tobacco processing and director of tobacco processing for the New York City Fire Department, the show will take calls from smokers and other tobacco users interested in becoming tobacco free. “Smokers, vapers and chewers all have questions about nicotine, the best ways to quit and how they can really, really, finally quit. We have the answers to questions about smoking and vaping,” said Bars.

SMOKE SIGNALS will also feature today’s important tobacco news, coping skills, quitting secrets and hacks, as well as interviews with other experts, health professionals and researchers in the field of addiction. nicotine and help to quit smoking.

The brand of SMOKE SIGNALS is the appeal segments with real smokers and other tobacco users over the age of 18, from anywhere in the United States. While WNYM AM970 is New York-based, the program will be broadcast nationwide.

Bars is also a founding co-developer and inventor of the My Nicotine test which uses smartphone technology to accurately measure the nicotine level of a tobacco smoker. This scientific approach allows healthcare professionals and smokers to measure, control and quit smoking. “Each tobacco user is unique and should be treated as an individual. Most smokers who try to quit smoking with nicotine medications or vaping do not use enough medication for long enough; that’s why many smokers have yet to quit for good. No one would. treat a mouse with the same level of medicine as an elephant. Many e-cigarette smokers and vapers are elephants, ”explained Bars. More information about the home nicotine test is available at

WNYM AM970 The Answer is one of the most powerful news stations in New YorkNew JerseyConnecticut tri-state area. Anchored by Joe Piscopo, Mike Gallagher, Denis prager, Hugh hewitt, Kevin mccullough, Larry Elder, Jean Catsimatidis, and Dottie herman. AM970 speaks of both reason and emotion to deliver an incredibly educated and passionate audience.

AM970 The Answer listeners use tobacco 15% more than average New York adult. Their listeners bought 377% more quit smoking drugs than the average New Yorker.

Interested smokers can text the word FREE to 551-355-8328. Potential callers will be contacted after receiving their SMS. Of course, callers can remain anonymous during their call segment.

Tobacco freedom is coming soon to a radio, smartphone or laptop near you.

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