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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – A New Albany musician and songwriter now has a global platform hosting a BBC radio series.

Jon Silpayamanant, adjunct professor at Indiana University Southeast, has dedicated his life to music – playing it, composing it, and researching its history.

Now the IUS instructor is sharing his knowledge with the world via the BBC.

“How can what we know about Western classical music be situated within the framework of a global history that also includes other classical traditions?” Silpayamanant said on the radio show.

Silpayamanant, a Thai American, said he was raised in two cultures.

“The first songs I learned to sing were in Thai, it’s always been part of my background as I had this kind of bi-musical culture and upbringing.”

After studying mainly Western classical music in school, he began to explore the music of various cultures and the stories behind them.

In his research, Silpayamanant made colleagues in the field, one of whom asked him to host “World of Classical” on BBC Radio 3.

“I was thrilled and thrilled to do it, of course,” he said. “Because these things were already in the back of my mind and I was already talking about them, I did some research and started doing presentations, so why not radio too?”

Silpayamanant hopes to expose a wide audience to classical music styles from different cultures and how they connect.

“Just so we can share all of these types of music and show how they’re not that different, they’re not as different as we think they are,” he said. “There are a lot of connections or interconnections between them and the stories around them.”

The first of three episodes aired, which won support and praise not only from friends and family, but also overseas listeners.

“Having all these people I’ve never met before posting about it and saying ‘this is a wonderful show, I’m going to use this to teach my class’ or things like that,” he said. -he declares. “I mean, the whole event was very rewarding and satisfying. And hopefully that will help open some conversations.”

To listen to its first episode, click here.

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