Neil Young’s Radio Channel on SiriusXM Relaunched After Spotify Removal


Yesterday, as Neil Young’s music descended from the world’s biggest streaming service, satellite radio giant SiriusXM approached him to secure a deal.

SiriusXM has announced the return of “Neil Young Radio,” a satellite and streaming channel featuring Mr. Young showcasing his songs and telling stories. Sirius XM Funds Inc.

SIRI 2.51%

contacted Mr. Young’s camp on Wednesday, according to a person familiar with the business, as the dramatic and public standoff unfolded.

Mr Young has publicly berated Spotify technology HER

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for hosting the Joe Rogan podcast, which he claims spread false information about Covid-19 vaccines. “They can have Rogan or Young. Not both,” he wrote in an open letter earlier this week.

Wednesday, Warner Music Group Corp.

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, which licenses music to streaming services, formally requested that the dozens of Mr. Young’s albums be removed, and Spotify complied, noting that it hoped to work with Mr. Young again in the future.

“Seems like a good time to let you know that @NeilYoungNYA Radio is back on SiriusXM,” SiriusXM tweeted with a winking emoji.

The channel originally launched in December for a limited time, and now it has returned for seven days on the SiriusXM satellite and will stream for a month on the SXM app.

With Mr. Young’s music no longer on Spotify, his economy has changed. While he said he was losing 60% of his streaming revenue, the market is adjusting as other services take steps to capitalize on the courting of the folk-rock singer and his loyal listeners. This dust drew listeners to his music in opposition or support to both him and Spotify.

Spotify declined to comment. Representatives for Mr. Young and Mr. Rogan did not respond to requests for comment.

“Outspoken, brave and a true music icon, Neil Young is one of a class of rare artists, and we are honored to partner with him to create a special audio experience for his fans,” said Steve Blatter, senior vice president and general manager of SiriusXM. of music programming, said.

In another post on his website on Wednesday, Mr. Young made a take for other services, pointing to Amazon Music, Apple Music and Qobuz, which “present my music today in all its hi-res glory – the way which it is intended to be heard”. .”

Hi-fi streaming service Tidal, which Mr Young championed for its sound quality, retweeted a fan’s observation: “I love that Neil Young is trending on Tidal” then shared a meme welcome new recruits, ask “who’s new here”.

“It’s always a good idea to stream @NeilYoungNYA”, Apple Music tweeted, with a link to his Neil Young Essentials reading list.

Social media has been abuzz with fans and haters – new and old – of Mr. Young, Mr. Rogan and Spotify. While some listeners said they were even more interested in listening to Mr. Rogan’s podcast, the hashtags #DeleteSpotify, #SpotifyDeleted and #cancelspotify were trending on Twitter on Thursday.

Senator Rand Paul (R., Ky.) tweeted about freedom of speech imitating Mr. Young’s famous protest song, “Ohio” with: “Bye Bye, Hey Hey, Neil Young left today, Better to boycott, Than just obey, Bye Bye, Hey Hey. Seeya @Neilyoung Even though Ohio is one of the greatest protest songs of all time, freedom of speech is also pretty important.

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