Neil Young Launches Limited-Air “Neil Young Radio”


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Dec 7 2021 15:30

Neil Young is teaming up with SiriusXM to launch his own radio channel for limited broadcast.

“Neil Young Radio” is personally curated by the artist with not only music from the Rock Hall of Fame inductee, but his inspirations as well.

Listeners can hear work from his early inspirations from Buffalo Springfield, Crosby, Stills & Nash and Promise of the Real to his collaborations with artist Crazy Horse.

Neil Young Radio – Photo: CNW Group / Sirius XM Canada Inc

The channel also features comments from Young with insight into his songwriting and personal industry stories – including the making of his new album. barn.

“Sharing these stories with SiriusXM will be a lot of fun,” Young said. “We had a great time in the barn. “

An exclusive interview between singer and SiriusXM host David Fricke “Becoming with Neil Young” is also scheduled on the channel.

“Neil Young Radio” is now available on the SiriusXM app until January 5 and available on satellite until December 13.

The radio show may be one of the few ways to hear the artist live right now, as Young has previously said he doesn’t feel comfortable touring at the moment.

The singer spoke to Rolling stone about the presidential election and happening during a pandemic.

Concerts are scheduled again, with vaccine passports and negative COVID-19 tests required at the door. But Young doesn’t know when he’ll be back on the road.

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“I don’t know. I’m not ready. I haven’t seen anything that makes me want to continue,” he explained. “If you have people tested at the door and you need to have proof vaccination to get into the building and new viruses appear… What are we talking about? Why don’t we stop trying to do all this bullshit and let it go until we figure it out and that we control them? It is not under control.

The artist theorized that this was a cultural issue and that people were trying to get back to normal too quickly.

“We’re so used to getting whatever we want when we want it. It’s an industry of service and fun and a way of life, ”Young said. “In my opinion, we need to take a step back and try to come together and do something together as a race of people. All of us, the human race. We just need to get together.

At the moment, the 76-year-old singer just can’t see himself stepping out to perform.

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“So go out and play… I can’t imagine a picture of myself on TV or something flying off with the band and a big crowd and everything, that’s all wrong.” Now is not the right time for that. We don’t know where we are or what we’re doing. A lot of people can go home and make their children sick. It is not yet fair.

Young then discussed his first vote in the 2020 presidential election as a U.S. citizen.

“It was great to vote for Joe Biden because he’s someone you can respect as a human being [who’s] good for the country… So I appreciated being able to vote for him.

But not everyone was so happy with his decision.

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“Oddly enough, I was driving down the road the other day in my bus, in a town. And we stopped and a little black car came out in front of us, ”he recalls. “And there was” F ** k Biden and f ** k everyone who voted for him! “written on the back window. Such a terrible atmosphere.

The singer reaffirmed his belief that humanity comes together.

“The idea is to try to respect other people’s opinions, I think. And even if you don’t agree with them, they’re Americans… It’s not positive. Nothing good can come of it. “

barn is scheduled for December 10.

A short film of the same name directed by Young’s wife, Daryl Hannah, will be released separately.

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