NATHASSIA – Goddess is a DJ radio show for October


NATHASSIA welcomes a whole new month of shows, with a consistent weekly radio show hosted by one of the industry’s most ethereal performers. NATHASSIA continues to push the boat in terms of her musical style with sounds comprised of her worldly influences that are utterly unique and hypnotic. She is currently at the top of a discography of very impressive hits like ‘Light Of The World’, ‘In My Head’ and ‘Change The World’. Her sound continues to grow with each successful release, and she has received much praise from her fans and the music industry itself. NATHASSIA’s creative flair is a trait that keeps her ahead of the curve and her ever-evolving “Goddess Is A DJ” radio show is the latest attempt to turn heads in the industry.

As we approach the 41st episode of her radio show Goddess Is A DJ, you can indulge yourself with some of the best EDM gems in the industry, as she cooks up something unique and fresh every week that will get you moving and transporting you to the world by NATHASSIA. Its weekly hour-long shows consist of a medley of underground hits on some of the industry’s most beloved songs that transport you to a world of your own with epic live performances and loads of amazing artists.

NATHASSIA’s radio show has been a huge hit with more and more loyal listeners tuning in every week. Among the wealth of projects in which NATHASSIA is involved, her production quality is undeniable while her image and her talents extend throughout the world. Expect to hear music from Futuristic Polar Bears, David Guetta, Dimitri Vegas, Chapter & Verse and many more.


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