Mike Woodson’s Weekly Radio Show Notes (November 8)

(Photo: Mike Pegram, Peegs.com)

Indiana Men’s Basketball Head Coach Mike Woodson joined Don Fischer on Monday night for the inaugural edition of “Inside IU Basketball with Mike Woodson.”

This week, Woodson explains why he ultimately chose to return to Indiana, why the time had finally come to take the job of head coach and what are the biggest differences between 25 years of training in the NBA and ever. coach at university. Woodson also details what it was like during the offseason to try to navigate the transfer portal, get players to come back as Trayce Jackson-Davis, and learn the ropes of recruiting. In the final segment, Woodson talks about the development of the Indiana squad during the offseason, how he’s seen the team grow, and specific players or groups he’s seen the strongest growth in.

Later on the show, assistant coach Yasir Rosemond joined Fischer in introducing himself to IU fans. Rosemond gives his first impressions of the team, explains why the job means so much to him and what he has learned during the few months spent at Bloomington. Rosemond ends the show by explaining why he’s never been to a college town like Bloomington, where “basketball is everything”.



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