‘Mike from Durham’ has fun calling Jim Boeheim’s radio show | University


Maybe that’s what Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski can do when he retires: call basketball coaching shows to ask questions or tell great stories.

That might not be a bad plan B for the 75-year-old workout icon.

Krzyzewski, who is retiring after this season, will field his team Saturday night against one of his good friends, Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim.

Krzyzewski called on Boeheim’s radio show this week.


Krzyzewski wanted to know why it always snows so much when the Blue Devils go to Syracuse. Krzyzewski said he was also amazed at how good the area is when it comes to snow clearing.

Krzyzewski’s wife, Mickie, has traveled with the team for most of this season.

“There’s a lot of pressure on you because this is your great wife Mickie’s first trip to the Carrier Dome,” Boeheim told Krzyzewski.

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Krzyzewski said his wife usually doesn’t mind traveling in snowy regions.

“For her to travel in the snow, you have to be very special,” Krzyzewski said of Boeheim. “Either that or Julie (Boeheim’s wife) is special.”

Boeheim replied, “It’s not me, that’s for sure.”


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