Meet Sunshine Reigns from the morning radio show All Hustle No Fear Hits 92.3 ATL


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Deployment honors black women for Women’s History Month. We had the pleasure of interviewing Sunshine Reigns, better known as The Hood Unicorn, the host of the morning radio show All Hustle No Fear on Hits 92.3 ATL.

How important is it for women to have a voice in your particular field?

I really feel like terrestrial radio is generally a male-dominated field, but with the rise of internet radio and podcast platforms, women’s voices are louder and louder than ever. It matters because our stories need to be heard in our voice with our words, our opinions and our truths.

What are the main issues facing women of color and black women in particular?

Unfortunately, it seems that black women have to live and reside in whatever space society deems right for them. Black women are multiple and diverse. We are everything from dancers to artists and entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, stay-at-home moms, teachers and more. We are emo, hood, sophisticated. We’re afropunk, weirdos and everything. We do not fit into a label. Sadly, it’s as if the world can only see black women from one light and one point of view. If we challenge the status quo, there must obviously be something wrong with us. Either we have to think we’re better than someone else, or we’re ‘big headed’. It is very problematic. I hope I can help change that narrative.

What do you think of the role of women within the family unit?

Being a woman, an entrepreneur and a mother and leading a family is such a difficult task when you add the pressures of society on what a mother is supposed to look like, how she is supposed to act and the things she is supposed to do , it gets even harder. Now add the fact that black women aren’t allowed to show any weakness, and it becomes extremely inaccessible. Men have the luxury of being able to have a family, goals and ambitions. But society gives women the impression that the end of everything for women is motherhood. I don’t believe this story. I believe that as a woman, if you really want to show your children how to be successful and happy, you have to be active in your community and have leadership roles. You have to show them what it looks like. Success is not something you can tell someone to do. As a mother of 2, wife and entrepreneur, I don’t want to live vicariously through the triumphs, successes and accomplishments of my children. I want to have mine and use them as a guide for my children to follow.

If you are looking to be a guest or co-host on All Hustle No Fear, you can book here. Otherwise, watch the show and be fully informed.


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