Man calls radio show and is accused of murder in viral video


Footage of a live radio broadcast circulating on Twitter left viewers completely shocked and wondering if the callers were actually actors.

During a segment of Yung Joc & The Streetz Morning Takeover Radio Show in Atlanta, Georgia, a caller named Don said the girl he was seeing had ghosted him and asked him for advice.

The stapleuploaded to Twitter by user @_mimitaughther on Wednesday, received more than 1.6 million views and thousands of retweets from people wondering if the callers were actors or if the story was real.

While it’s common for radio shows that people call in live, many don’t know that most of those calls come from paid actors.

According to Gizmodo, many agencies and acting companies such as Premiere on Call audition actors and groom them to perform on various radio shows. The job is often advertised as an “anonymous radio caller”.

“This man called the radio station because this girl ghosted him,” she wrote on Twitter. “So the radio calls her with him online, he wants to know why she ghosted him…”

The clip explained that at first the woman said she didn’t want to go in, but the radio host asked if Don had cheated.

“No, he didn’t cheat,” the woman admitted. But no one listening to him was prepared for his reasoning.

The woman went on to explain that during a “bribe” — or small gathering of friends — in July 2020, she overheard him talking to a friend in the kitchen. She asked the man if he remembered what they were saying, but he said no.

“They were talking about how they robbed a guy and shot and killed him,” the woman said on air. “Don’t you remember that, Don?” You were all at the gas station and you were all shot, don’t you remember?

The shocked radio host could be heard reacting in the background as Don said he didn’t know what she was referring to.

“Well, that was my brother you were talking about,” she said quietly.

“Ohh shit,” Don replied.

“The guy you shot and killed was my brother,” she repeated.

Almost immediately, Don hung up.

The shocked radio host then asked if she was sure and said she was going to press serious charges.

“Oh I’m sure they were talking about the gas station they were at and everything,” she replied. “How many times did they shoot him and just laugh and joke about the situation and all the time I’m putting pieces together, like wait, they’re talking about my brother.”

She said those involved in her brother’s murder were never found, but she realized they were Don and his friend.

She explained that she did not want to talk about the situation on the radio but that she had found herself in a difficult situation. She also said she loved Don and enjoyed his company until she overheard the conversation.

Thousands of users commented and quoted the now-viral video on Twitter, with many saying they were completely shocked.

“My mouth was on the floor,” @_mimitaughther said.

“You’re sitting in traffic on the freeway she reveals he killed her brother and everyone on the freeway collectively go oh shit,” one user joked.

Others said hanging up Don made him look guilty and questioned why the woman didn’t contact the police as soon as she heard the conversation.

“He hung up real quick. He definitely did that shit,” one user commented.

“When she mean she don’t know what to do! Call the fucking police,” another user wrote.

But many were quick to call the whole call a scripted gag.

“I hope people realize that these kind of radio gags are all scripted,” one user said. “There is a service that makes them all over the country.”

“Baby actors! It had been like that since the Wars of the Roses back then! another wrote. “But entertainment is entertainment baby.”

It is unclear whether or not the call was made by paid actors or if the people on the line were telling the truth.

Newsweek reached out to Yung Joc & The Streetz Takeover but did not receive a comment in time for publication.

A clip from a popular Atlanta radio show is circulating on Twitter and viewers are wondering if the callers were paid actors.


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