Madhya Pradesh: Central Jail Indore Gets Its Own Fm Radio Channel


In an attempt to rehabilitate inmates, Indore Central Jail gets its own radio channel ‘Jail Vaani-FM 18.77’. Alka Sonkar, superintendent of the prison, said on Sunday that the administration wants the prisons to look like correctional facilities.

For inmates to get some education about the world, Sonkar said, “Through this radio channel, inmates will learn what is happening in the world.”

Through the radio channel, the prisoners hope to catch entertainment, while becoming aware of events taking place in the world. The radio channel will also provide inmates with information on health issues.

Sonkar credited Madhya Chief Minister Shivraj Singh for the move. “He is sensitive to this matter and gave a lot of encouragement. We started the radio station by taking the necessary authorization for it,” she added.

Meanwhile, Central Prison No. 16 or more commonly known as Mandoli Women’s Prison has not reported any cases of Covid-19 so far, which is rare as all other central prisons have reported. of Covid cases among inmates during the Omicron-powered Highly Transmissible Third Period. vague.

“None of our inmates have been infected, and among them are young children,” a senior official said, attributing the feat to strict protocols and lessons learned from last year’s second wave, which crippled health systems across the country.

Prison inmates and doctors said that in addition to protocols, authorities ensured the availability of medicines and that teas or “kadha” consisting of permitted herbs and turmeric mixed with milk were served to strengthen immunity.

There were no Covid cases among inmates at this prison during the third wave, but if anyone is found to be infected, treatment guidelines, as issued by the Ministry of Health, will be followed, have officials said.

However, some of our employees have fallen victim to the virus, they said. To prevent the spread of Covid in the prison, staff are making daily announcements raising awareness of the virus, ordering inmates to maintain social distancing and providing inmates with two washable cloth masks, among other measures, prison officials said. , which is currently under the supervision of prison superintendent Anita Dayal.

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