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There’s nothing inherently wrong with Corus Radio and its affiliate stations (630Am Ched in Edmonton/Chqr 770Am in Calgary) offering a weekly hour-long broadcast slot with Premier Jason Thomas Kenney taking the calls and answering questions. However, Corus and its regional director John Vos do not respect the democratic process.

What they should have done was give former Prime Minister (and current NDP Leader of the Opposition) Rachel Anne Notley an hour to herself every week immediately after the Prime Minister in order to respect the process of ” exactly = time” for debate and discussion. Or divide the currently allocated hour into two halves.

Corus should have known that Kenney getting a full hour without having to defend himself against opposition counterpoints was “stirring the pot”. In addition to causing problems for some of their listeners who consider it unfair.

Corus management should have acted like the late great Ron Collister of Ched/CJCA (and with CBC Alberta TV’s “Crossfire”) and turned the time slot into a weekly discussion between the two executives. Similarly, Oral Question Period runs Monday through Thursday at the Alberta Legislative Building: 50% questions by Her Majesty’s Loyal Official Opposition and 50% answers by the Government. of Her Majesty. Yes, this Kenney radio show and Corus Radio News’ management decisions about it certainly have a lot of flaws.


Rory J. Koopmans

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