KFH’s Bob and Jeff Lutz move Wichita radio show to earlier afternoon slot


For sports fans in Denver, the current situation is about as good as it gets, with legitimate championships taking place in both hockey and basketball, and the announcement of impactful new additions to help rebuild teams under – efficient.

All of this good news resulted in a light-hearted and enthusiastic opening to Friday’s edition of Schlereth and Evans on 104.3 The Fan, with co-host Mike Evans beginning his dialogue with the backing track to Culture Club’s 1983 single “Karma Chameleon”.

“Oh yeah!” said Evans. “Oh, it’s the opening day of baseball. Sorry, there are a few other things going on that made me forget a bit – happy Friday everyone!

The apparent celebration that took place today was undoubtedly for more than just recognition of the satisfactory state of sport at The Mile High City. Shortly after the show’s intro wrapped, Evans was able to share with listeners an update on the condition of his co-host and three-time Super Bowl champion Mark Schlereth.

Schlereth recently underwent heart surgery and is recovering, which is why he has been absent from the show since Wednesday. Chad Andrus co-hosted the show with Evans for the past three days. The plan is for Schlereth to return to the airwaves early next week.

“Mark shared with all of you yesterday on social media why he’s been dating for the past few days,” Evans said. “He had to have heart surgery…. He’s fine, he went home yesterday and [is] rest…. I think we still expect him to come back on Monday, but we’ll see.”

Evans himself underwent open-heart surgery in 2018 to replace a valve in his aorta after learning he had a heart murmur during a routine physical exam. After this surgery, Evans called on the show and reminded listeners to be proactive in monitoring their health and maintaining healthy habits.

“Go get your heart listened to,” Evans implored in 2018. “Go get your heart checked and just make sure you’re okay because a lot of these things that end up happening can be avoided if you do things right now. .

With the good news surrounding Denver and Schlereth sports, Evans and Andrus quickly moved on to talking about Jokić and the Nuggets, as well as the Rockies’ season opener. Trying to capitalize on the jubilant moments, after all, is a factor in sports radio that drives engaging content and higher ratings, and with Schlereth’s imminent return to the airwaves, the show is positioning itself to have a strong spring. On an opening day that baseball fans weren’t even sure would happen after 99 days of contentious debate between Major League Baseball and its players, now is the time to enjoy the return of ” America’s Pastime,” as well as impending playoff appearances from both Nuggets and Avalanche.

“There will be plenty of time – plenty of time – to get down to the Rockies and send back [them] and growl growl growl [them]said Evans, “but you know what? Today is opening day!”


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