Ken Matthews adds affiliate stations for radio show


Podcaster and former nationally syndicated radio host Michael Savage recently shared some thoughts on the industry and his current podcast during an interview with Newsmax.

In 2020, Savage faced a lot of criticism from conservative pundits following comments about how late-talking icon Rush Limbaugh was publicly fighting his battle with terminal cancer. Shortly after these comments, Savage announced he was leaving the radio business to do a daily podcast.

On Sunday, Savage celebrated his 80th birthday. After spending 26 years in radio, he told Newsmax he loves his podcast.

“So everything changed. . . There are no more independent voices in the media. So everyone walks around looking over their shoulder, including me,” he said.

Savage has battled some health issues over the past few years. In 2020, he suffered a severe heart attack.

Savage shared some tips for broadcasters looking to do a talk show. He said you should be able to do more than just read the news.

“I don’t think you can learn the medium unless you have an intuitive ability to do more than just read the news,” he says. “You have to have a bit of history, a knowledge of history and literature.”

You can listen to “The Savage Nation” podcast by visiting this link.


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