Justin Thomas rips Jimbo Fisher on radio show after winning PGA Championship


Less than 24 hours after winning the PGA Championship in the playoffs, famed Alabama fan Justin Thomas took a not-so-subtle shot at Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher during an interview with the radio.

Alabama coach Nick Saban has a rule that he doesn’t celebrate wins after 24 hours and Thomas was asked if he would do the same. He took the opportunity to tease Fisher.

“I have a 24-hour rule,” he said. “I don’t know what Jimbo Fisher’s rule is, but I guess he has to win something first before he understands his rule.”

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The Aggies and Crimson Tide are fierce rivals and there are still new open wounds in recent months. Texas A&M shocked Alabama on Oct. 9 last season and it was the first time Saban lost to one of his former assistants. Fisher coached under Saban while the two were at LSU.

More recently, the two coaches have been embroiled in a bitter and now personal war of words. It all started on Wednesday when Saban accused the Aggies of getting the No. 1 recruiting class by paying players using name, image and likeness deals. On Thursday, Fisher called a press conference to respond to the charges and called Saban a “narcissistic” and insinuated that Saban had failed to follow NCAA rules in the past.

“Some people think they’re God,” Fisher said. “Go find out how God has done his business. You can find out a guy, a lot of things you don’t want to know. We’re building him to be the czar of football. Go dig into his past.

He called Saban’s comments “despicable”, “a disgrace” and “disgusting”. He added that he did not answer when Saban called him and did not intend to speak to him. Saban then apologized for singling out Fisher and the Aggies.

“I should never have chosen anyone,” Saban said on ESPNU radio stations off-campus. “It was a mistake and I apologize for that part.”


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