Judge throws out restraining orders against Sen. Joe Morrissey over radio broadcast explosion


A Republican delegate and a Democratic senator huddled in the corner of a courtroom on Tuesday afternoon, trying to figure out what was said on a garbled audio recording that captured some of the swear words thrown during an altercation stormy last month at a radio studio in Richmond.

“Is, ‘I’m gonna f**king you down’?” Del asked. Tim Anderson, R-Virginia Beach, an attorney who represented two radio producers seeking restraining orders against Sen. Joe Morrissey, D-Richmond.

As a judge watched, Morrissey admitted he had said “Get the f**k out of my office” and called the station manager a “fat f**king pig”.

“At no time did I say ‘I’m going to kick your ass,'” Morrissey insisted on the stand, contradicting testimony from radio workers, who said the explosion at Morrissey’s studio on May 4 raised fears for their safety.

After a hearing that lasted more than four hours, retired Arlington County Judge Thomas Kelley Jr. dismissed preliminary restraining orders that had been granted against Morrissey over the studio incident, leaving Morrissey free to continue reporting to the South Richmond building which houses both the radio station and its Senate District office.

In an interview afterwards, the senator said that being Joe Morrissey often means “you have a target on your back”. But he said he prevailed because “several observers” supported his side of the story.


.(Virginia Mercury)

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