Joe Budden launches live radio show on Amazon’s Amp platform


Photo credit: Amazon Amp

Joe Budden launches a live radio show called “Music Lovers Only with Joe Budden” on Amazon Amp.

Amp is a live radio platform and a new offering from Amazon. “Music Lovers Only” will see Budden perform the music he loves while discussing how those songs fit into mainstream hip-hop culture. He will also introduce guests and take calls from listeners.

Joe Budden spoke with Variety briefly on how the new live radio show will differ from his popular podcast. “On ‘The Joe Budden Podcast’ we talk about music. On ‘Music Loves Only’, while they’re talking, we really focus on music – playing joints. To be honest, I’ve waited many years the good opportunity to be able to highlight the music in this way.

“I’m going to talk about music and everything related to musical culture; we really want to focus on the sound of the music. Not just R&B and rap, but any genre where you can vibe and have a good time, Budden adds. “I think how we focus and react to the music on ‘Music Lovers Only’ will be completely different.”

Joe Budden says the Amazon Amp live radio platform lets him handle music in a new way.

“Amp has full licenses for this music. Until now, it’s been difficult to play music without the proper licenses,” Budden adds of the challenges of creating this type of show. times when I wish I could play 10, 15, 20 songs on the podcast, but that’s not what the audience is there for. On ‘Music Lovers Only’, we’re going to jam.

Joe Budden dropped his Spotify exclusivity from his podcast in 2020, just two years after signing the deal. In issue 375 of “The Joe Budden Podcast”, the retired rapper said that Spotify “never cared about this podcast individually. Spotify only cared about our contribution to the platform. Some other creators have since agreed with Budden, apparently dropping exclusivity agreements with the platform.


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