“It’s time!” Kyle Sandilands quits radio show and rushes to hospital to welcome son


Kyle Sandilands quit his radio show this morning after learning his partner was due to give birth.

Sandilands was broadcasting from his home studio when he suddenly stopped and said, “I think maybe I should quit the show and go to the hospital.”

Longtime co-host Jackie O was thrilled with the news and said, “Oh, it’s about time!

According news.com.auSandilands said: “Calm down, we don’t want the kid to come too early. Guys, I’m so sorry. I feel very unprepared. I have to run…I feel like I’m abandoning you , but I’m here for my child.

Naturally, Jackie O was thrilled the moment happened while they were on the air and after he got away.

She says: “We are so used to seeing everything happen in life. I wish there was a way he could Facetime us so we could all watch – or do a Facebook live or an Instagram live.

Before the show was even added for the day, Jackie O was able to deliver the fabulous news that everyone was doing well, and Sandilands and partner Tegan Kynaston were the proud parents of a healthy baby boy named Otto.

Sandilands baby news is absolutely adorable! What a great way to start the day.


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