ISU will launch a sales-focused radio show


POCATELLO, Idaho (KIFI) – The Idaho State University College of Business will launch its third radio show with KISU FM 91 on March 30 at 7 p.m.

“Sales Talk,” hosted by marketing professor John Ney, will feature interviews with prominent sales leaders on the last Wednesday of each month.

“The purpose of the exhibit is to help create awareness and understanding of sales and sales skills,” said Ney, who is the executive director of the college’s new Walter P. Brown Center for Sales Excellence.

According to Ney, selling is a more common practice than many people realize. Although their titles may not reflect it, doctors, lawyers, teachers, plumbers, dentists, beauticians and almost everyone must practice some form of selling in their profession, he said. .

“Sales is the lifeblood of any successful organization,” Ney said. “However, few people have ever received professional training in sales.”

The College’s new Walter P. Brown Center of Sales Excellence is designed to provide opportunities for students and professionals to practice and hone these sales skills, through a new facility, the College’s Professional Sales Certificate, a strong advisory board and the new Sales Talk radio show. .

“In this sales program, we don’t teach pushy ‘used car sales’ tactics,” Ney said. “We teach needs-based sales training and how to build long-term relationships through good listening and communication skills based on personality traits.”

The program is heavily based on a practice-to-enhance type model where students have the opportunity to role-play and will eventually have the equipment to check in for later practice at the new center coming this fall.

Ney said the new radio show will help spread some of these principles to the professional community, raise awareness of career opportunities in the field, and raise awareness of the innovative practices taking place at the Walter P. Brown Center for Sales Excellence. .

“Each episode features a successful person who will share their experiences, advice and sales opportunities,” Ney said.

The first episode will air on KISU FM 91 on March 30 at 7 p.m. and episodes of Sales Talk will also be available on Spotify. For more information on the College of Business Sales Program and Radio Show, click HERE.


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