Good e-Reader Radio Show – What happened to all the e-paper screens?



The Good e-Reader radio show is back! Michael and Peter will do a radio show once a month, the last Sunday of every month! Michael will be doing a solo show, exclusively available on the Good e-Reader website, where you will be kept up to date with the latest happenings in the eReader and E INK industry.

On today’s show, Michael and Peter talk about the e-paper display screens that have been announced over the years. We are talking about Clearink, Plastic Logic, Pixel QI, Bridgestone, Mirasol and many others. How were these technologies originally developed and what have they become? Some are still in operation today. The only two major e-paper brands currently launching products are DES Slurry and E INK Holdings. These two invested a lot in research and development and had a good marketing department to attract brands. One of the failings of other e-papers is that they couldn’t manufacture to scale and never made anything other than first generation displays.

We also talk about how Chinese companies that used to only release e-readers in China suddenly pivot and use English on their products. Xiaomi, Bigme and Huawei are notable examples. Will this trend continue?


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