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The News and Views service has a host of new faces and programs for 2022.

“Good news! We officially launched our DAB + radio service today, making it easier than ever to access GB News, whether on TV, online or now in your car. After a successful radio test yesterday, GB News is the only channel to simultaneously broadcast all of our live radio programs nationwide. – GB News

Radio is just the start of the broadcaster’s “exciting plans” for this year, they note, with the arrival of former Outdoor, GMTV and Sky News personality Eamonn Holmes. After leaving ITV This morning last year to join FR News Holmes teamed up with his elder Sky News co-host Isabel Webster to host a new morning show.

The duo launched their show this week on weekdays starting at 6 a.m., Breakfast with Eamonn Holmes and Isabel Webster has been described as ‘unlike others’ because he ‘puts real Brits at his heart’.

“This is just the beginning. GB News was created to be the popular news channel, unique because we believe that wherever you live in this great country, your voice deserves to be heard and included in the conversation of Britain. – GB News

Meanwhile, the old Sky News regular Stephen Dixon and ex-MTB News ” Anne Diamond will host the Saturday and Sunday version of the show with GB News’ promise to “keep you entertained just as brilliantly on the weekends.” The Stephen and Anne breakfast offer will launch next weekend.

In other changes, Colin Brazier is presenting a new two-hour show on “driving time” at 4 pm on weekdays “allowing you to seamlessly go from commuting to work on the couch without missing a thing”. the channel says while Alex Phillips also has a new show, We need to talk about …, at 2 p.m. on weekdays, in which she delivers her fiery take on the hot issues that matter particularly to British women.

Old ITV News opposite Alastair Stewart sees his weekend afternoon chat program extended with Alastair Stewart and his friends, Now transmits three days a week while Darren Grimes launches his new show The real Britain later this month.

“We’re not afraid to ask the questions you want answered, to challenge political correctness and to hold power to account on the issues that really matter to you. We’re also not afraid to have fun and celebrate the best in the UK, especially outside of London.

“This year, we’ll continue to innovate with more exciting new shows and smarter new presenters as we keep you informed – and entertained – the GB News way.” – GB News

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