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GB News will launch a radio station in the new year to shake up “traditional media”.

The broadcaster announced today that it will present new television programming with several new presenters in conjunction with the launch of the dual audio service with GB News Radio, a DAB radio service to be launched early next year. The arrival of the radio offer sees FR News to become the only UK broadcaster to simultaneously broadcast all of its production live on nationwide radio and television.

Managing Director Angelos Frangopoulos:

“With radio, we are disrupting traditional media because everyone will be able to continue with the same channel, whether at home, traveling or at work,” he said.

“We set out to innovate and shake up news media and that’s what we’re doing, be it on wide-range DAB TV and radio, online, in apps, live on YouTube. or on digital platforms, GB News will be where the public wants it. to be.”

After launching in June with seven daily shows, FR News has doubled its lineup with several changes over the past few weeks. New breakfast hosts Eamonn Holmes and Isabel Webster will be the first to feature on Dual Service when their TV program airs on January 4th.

Anne Diamond started her television career with BBC West before moving to ATV and then Central in the Midlands. She found national fame with TV-am.

In the New Year, reporter Anne Diamond will co-host the weekend breakfast with Stephen Dixon while Colin Brazier will present a new two-hour weekdays Drivetime program and Alex Phillips will host the 14 hour weekday program. . We need to talk about …, building on the franchise she has already created within her show.

Meanwhile, the weekend afternoon program Alastair Stewart and his friends will air three days a week. The channel was recently introduced Headliners, featuring a panel of British comedians discussing the next day’s papers, will become a seven-night offer, GB News has reported.

Also in the New Year, Darren Grimes will present The real Britain on weekends, a new religious affairs program will be hosted by Calvin Robinson, and Inaya Folarin Iman returns to host The discussion at 3 p.m. on Sunday. Simon McCoy, who joined from BBC News Channel, leave the station.

The news comes as the channel saw peaks in viewing at several points during its viewing peaks that beat the only comparable alternative offerings – BBC News Channel and Sky News. However, the network is still struggling with technical issues, including a three-hour antenna disruption recently. Presenters are hoping for better techniques in 2022 as new rivals aim to “wipe the floor” with the channel, and no one likes radio silence …

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