Frost hits on a number of topics on a weekly radio show


Nebraska head coach Scott Frost wanted depth chart decisions to be made earlier in the fall, and while he’s not ready to release a depth chart to the public, he said that it was clear to the players based on the reps what the pecking order will be in Illinois’ preparation. .

“I’m not in a great rush to release it,” Frost said.

A brief overview of the positions:

– Frost said there was no “clear” No. 1 at running back, but pointed to Markese Stepp, Sevion Morrison, Gabe Ervin and Rahmir Johnson for their work this fall.

“The only thing is we don’t have any experienced guys, definitely no experienced guys here, so they’re going to have to go out there and do it,” Frost said.

–At wide receiver, Frost said he felt like Nebraska had 6-8 guys that the coaching staff felt comfortable putting on the field. He said there will be rotation at wide receiver depending on how much those players have to run.

Frost said Omar Manning is a “completely different guy” from last season and Nebraska expects him to play on the court this season.

–At backup quarterback, Frost said Logan Smothers put up a strong camp, noting how Smothers quickly got the ball out in the right places. Frost credited freshman Heinrich Haarberg for his work, but noted that the freshman always made up for the other quarterbacks.

— In his defense, Frost said it’s “hard to find holes in what they’re doing…it’s hard to luge against these guys,” Frost said.

Some other news and notes:

–Frost said he doesn’t believe the NCAA investigation that came to light this week would be a distraction for his team this year.

–Frost said Nebraska had referees at every other practice during fall camp calling penalties to help alleviate Nebraska’s past issues with the flags.

– Frost said the kickoff unit has looked much better this year, noting Nebraska has multiple kickoff specialists who can kick the ball through the end zone, a change from to past years.

“Kicking through the end zone is going to make our special teams much better,” Frost said.

– Frost said captain announcements, as well as Blackshirt announcements will be made soon with the start of matchweek on Monday.

“A lot of guys deserve it, we’ll have to figure out who gets one and who doesn’t,” Frost said.

–Frost said Nebraska’s offense against the veterans’ defense was “hard to sledge.”

– Frost said Nebraska was in a good recruiting position in 2022, but said Nebraska was going to be “really smart” with class size going forward because some veterans didn’t take decision on their return next season.

– Nebraska will be back on the East side for home games at Memorial Stadium this season.

– Frost said they still don’t know how many spots they have for the Class of 2023 because every player on the roster last season had another year of eligibility.

“We still have a young team, but it will be interesting to see how everything plays out,” Frost said.


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