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On December 25, Frank Ocean returned with a new episode of his Blonded Radio show.

The show’s Christmas episode, titled “Blonded Xmas”, was the first in two years.

The program, which premiered on Apple Music, included over 9 minutes of new music by Frank Ocean as well as a chat between the artist and extreme athlete Wim Hof ​​(AKA The Ice Man).

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In an Instagram Story, Frank explained, “Me and [Wim Hof] had a conversation a while ago when I was in the early stages of grieving. And I remember then marveling at how his energy exploded through the phone. So much vim in this Wim.

“We talked for a while about his work, the purpose of grieving and how going into cold water changed his life. It reminded me of conversations in the studio with players I know .

“Freewheeling, psychedelic, emotionally charged, intelligent and generous. I enjoyed listening to him, so in this edit, I just let him talk uninterrupted.”

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Frank raps to a piano tune on his latest single.

“Hearing Frank Ocean rapping on a piano is a fantastic Christmas present,” one fan wrote on social media.

Others said, “Frank Ocean’s freestyle on a minecraft instrument made me cry on Christmas Day”.

Frank fans have been wanting a new album from the American rapper and singer for some time. One person said on YouTube “at this point Frank could just sing the alphabet in French and we’d go platinum.”

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Check out Blonded Radio’s Christmas show here.

Listen to a fan recording of the track below.

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