Frank Ocean returns with new music — kinda — on ‘Blonded Radio’ – Rolling Stone


The musician produced a 35-minute instrumental score to accompany a conversation about microdosing and psychedelics with Dr. James Fadiman

Frank Ocean finally dropped some new music, producing an instrumental score for a new episode of his Apple Music 1 show, blonde radio.

The trance-like composition — which begins atmospheric before settling into a steady late-night dance floor groove — appears in “Blonded Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds.” This episode, fittingly, features a conversation about microdosing and psychedelics with psychologist and writer Dr. James Fadiman.

“Blonded Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” was one of two new episodes of blonde radio at the premiere Sunday evening, July 10. The other, “Blonded Energy!” features an interview with Master Mingtong Gu, who specializes in the practice of Chinese Qigong healing.

The two new episodes of blonde radio are the first Ocean has shared since Christmas Day 2021. They also came a day after the 10th anniversary of Ocean’s landmark debut album, Orange channelwhich dropped on July 10, 2012. Ocean did little to mark the occasion publicly, though he did post specials Orange channel posters on its website, as well as other new products.

Ocean hasn’t released a new album since 2016. Blond and all the new music he shared in the years since has usually been included in episodes of blonde radio. He is currently scheduled to return to the stage next year, when he will headline Coachella, April 15-17 and April 21-23, 2023.


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