Frank Ocean debuts new music on Christmas radio show | Entertainment News


Frank Ocean debuted new music on the Christmas edition of his radio show.

The 34-year-old singer revealed a surprise to fans of his Apple radio show ‘Blonded Radio’ on Christmas Day (25.12.21) by sharing a nine-minute track inspired by a conversation he had with the motivational Dutch lecturer Wim Hof.

The untitled track was recorded by the “Chanel” hitmaker in 2020 and Frank can be heard rapping over a long piano track.

The radio show also featured excerpts from a conversation with the artist’s brother, Ryan Breaux, who died in a car accident last year.

Frank wrote on Instagram: “Me and @iceman_hof had a conversation a while ago when I was in the early stages of grieving and I remember marbling after how his energy blasted through the phone .

“So much dynamism in this Wim. We talked for a while about his work, the purpose of grief and how going into cold water changed his life.”

Ocean added: “It reminded me of conversations in the studio with players I know. Freewheeling, psychedelic, emotionally charged, intelligent and generous.

“I enjoyed listening to him, so in this edit, I just let him speak uninterrupted. Me, (Cory Henry) and (Dylan Patrice) played some sounds underneath to heighten the feeling. I added a few words at the end that i did a single take of w Cory in the summer of 2020.

“I came back and added some words and parts on top of this take more recently. I felt like it matched the wabi sabi of Wim’s words. Merry Christmas everyone (sic)”

Frank hasn’t released an album since 2016’s “Blonde,” which he was grateful he self-released following a label split from Def Jam Recordings because he didn’t have to worry about his performance in the bands. charts.

He said, “With this record [‘Blonde’] in particular, I wanted to feel like I had won before the record came out, and that’s what I did, and it took a lot of the pressure off of me about how the record would perform even after the fact . Once the goal is reached, everything else is lagniappe. It’s not essential for me to have a big first week, it’s not essential for me to have big radio records.”


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