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HARBEL, LIBERIA — Firestone Liberia, across the Voice of Firestone, 89.5 FM, has launched a new educational farming program called “Back to the Farm”. The radio show focuses on agricultural best practices and serves as a new agricultural information resource for local farmers inside and outside the concession. The inaugural broadcast of “Back to the Farm” took place on August 2, 2022.

The show airs every Tuesday at 11 a.m. and is repeated at 6:15 p.m. the same day on the Voice of Firestoneradio network. “Back to the Farm” is a 45-minute production designed to provide educational farming advice and tell of practical experiences shared by Firestone Liberia teammates and farmers in the region. The objective of the program is to provide advice to local farmers interested in growing rubber and to strengthen the partnership between Firestone Liberia and the local farming community.

“This new program will strengthen Firestone Liberia’s efforts to provide technical support to local farmers,” said Francis Kargbo, Farmington Group Director, Firestone Estates Department. “Some may not understand when we talk to them in the field, but providing education over the radio will really help farmers understand the different stages of rubber growth. The technical details we will provide during the field trips will prove invaluable and beneficial to all who listen to the broadcast. »

Estates Department Agricultural Operations Manager, Jacob Valiyakalail, said, “We will start by providing detailed information on the development of rubber nurseries and the rubber planting process, as a kick-start, during the first four editions of the radio show of the month of August. Estates department managers and supervisors have been lined up to provide on-the-ground information to the public on these topics.”

Ezekiah Ballah, a local farmer living in one of the nearby communities, has already learned valuable skills and is looking forward to the next episodes.

“This program gives farmers a voice and helps provide knowledge on the different stages of rubber planting,” Ballah said. “I am looking to transition from ranching to rubber planting, and this program will benefit me greatly.”

Educational programs such as “Back to the Farm” embody the value of “Empowerment” – one of the eight values ​​outlined in the Bridgestone E8 commitment – by sharing knowledge and educating society to ensure accessibility and dignity for all.


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