Eric Church launches 24/7 ‘Outsiders Radio’ channel on SiriusXM


If you want to listen to a specially curated playlist of some of Eric Church’s favorite music 24/7, it’s about to become a reality.

He has just announced in a special message to his fan club, the Church Choir, that he is taking his Foreign Radio broadcast on a full-time SiriusXM channel, which will now operate 24/7 and is officially titled Eric Church Outsiders Radio.

He previously hosted the monthly show on SiriusXM’s The Highway channel, but said Billboard he’s thrilled to be able to explore all his favorite music in a whole new way now:

“I’ve always been fascinated by the artists I’ve loved in my life, whose fans are they? What made them what they are?

What do they discover and what are they inspired by? The inspiration and discovery part, I really hope this station builds on both spirit and substance.

He added that having his previous show mentioned above taught him a lot about how he wanted to handle this new lineup:

“I learned that there are so many different musical perspectives and performances that fall under the same theme.

We could have a scripted themed show, but through the lens of so many multiple and varied genres and artists.

It’ll be fun to show how an 80-year-old blues song inspires a jazz artist, who inspires a rockabilly guitarist, who inspires a country artist. I’m interested!”

I have a feeling this will probably quickly become one of the best channels on Sirius, and I’m excited to hear all the great stories and undiscovered songs that Chief is going to bring us.

The channel will launch next Friday, November 4 on the SXM app and will be available to subscribers nationwide in the car on SiriusXM channel 61 from November 4-6.

As for the original material it has to come, it will include “Best of Outsiders Radio”, which are archival episodes of Church’s monthly Outsiders radio on the highway, as well as “LIVE, From the Pit “, a full monthly concert of a former Church show.

And one of the features I’m most looking forward to is called “A Song to Sing,” which will be a one-hour monthly specialty show hosted by a songwriter who’s been involved in writing some of his greatest hits, beginning with his “Springsteen” co-writer Jeff Hyde.

“Insiders Hours,” another monthly show, will feature guest DJs, starting with the great Lainey Wilson as she gears up for the launch of season 5 of Yellowstone.

You can see Eric talk about it a bit more here:


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