Did a British woman recite Sanskrit verses on a Spanish radio station?


Hyderabad: A video of a woman reciting Sanskrit verses is widely shared on social media.

Users claim that a British woman recites Sanskrit verses on a Spanish radio station.

https://www.facebook.com/100007573723967 / videos /618693306041503 /

Checking the facts

The claim is false.

NewsMeter began its investigation by performing a Google reverse image search, which led to several tweets from 2020. Users had shared the video with a caption that read: “This is being sung on a radio station in Spain all mornings.”

Tweets can be viewed here

Upon further investigation, the team found a Facebook page ‘Sanskrit gaïea‘, where there are many videos of the woman. She has posted numerous videos in Sanskrit and some are related to spirituality.

The team further found a video that was released on the YouTube channel “Gaiea Sanskrit” on November 10, 2019.

According to a report published on the website of Smile news on January 05, 2019, the woman’s name is Gabriella Burnel. The report said that from the age of 16 Gabriella started singing. She used to sing jazz songs at parties. After graduating from college, she formed a band and wrote songs which they performed in concerts across London. She also wrote and produced a few musicals and played stand-up for a while.

Meanwhile, according to her information on Twitter, she lives in London and not Spain.

We then found a tweet from the British High Commission in India on March 2, 2020. “& share a unique cultural #LivingBridge Listen to @gabriellaburnel who promotes the ancient Indian language of #Sanskrit and has earned the nickname of Ambassador Culture of India in UK ‘- his work shows how much Indian culture continues to be valued, “the Commission tweeted.

The team has finally found some details of Gabriella Burnel on the site ‘Yoga in London‘. According to reports, “Gabriella first came into contact with Sanskrit when she was a little girl listening to it from her parents. She then studied at the University of Oxford and continues to learn there. day in London and with annual visits to her professors in India. Studying Sanskrit enriches her life, thanks to the richness of her magnificent scriptural texts and the sounds of the language. Gabriella pronounces Sanskrit daily and attributes this to her help to navigate the vicissitudes of existence. Along with Sanskrit, Gabriella sings, teaches Alexander Technique and Yoga, and leads monthly Vedic / Kirtan chanting sessions in London and beyond (sic). “

It is therefore evident that the allegation is false. Gabriella Burnel did not recite Sanskrit verses for a radio station in Spain.


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