Coach K surprised Jim Boeheim on his radio show as ‘Mike from Durham’


Duke Basketball takes on Syracuse on Saturday in coach Mike Krzyzewski’s final season.

So what did Coach K do to best prepare for the game? Call out Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim’s radio show as “Mike from Durham.”

Just as Krzyzewski started to speak, Boeheim recognized his voice and laughed.

“I’ve been a fan of Coach Boeheim for almost five decades,” Krzyzewski said, making Boeheim laugh. “I’m going to get a chance to watch the Syracuse-Duke game this weekend. I was wondering if there was an opportunity to meet him and maybe get an autograph or a photo.

Boeheim made sure to tell Coach K that probably wouldn’t be the case.

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“I’ll meet you, but I’m not going to give you an autograph or a photo,” Boeheim said. “I should charge you my rate, and I don’t know if you can afford it.”

Coach K and Boeheim talked about the upcoming game, but they didn’t focus on the Xs and O’s. Instead, they discussed the snow forecast for this weekend in central New York.

The two coaches then reminisced about their days coaching USA Basketball together. They talked about how Krzyzewski’s grandchildren and Boeheim’s children grew up together during this time.

Boeheim has been Syracuse’s head coach since 1976, while Krzyzewski has coached Duke since 1980. This will only be their 16th meeting, however.

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