Coach K prank calling Jim Boeheim’s radio show as ‘Mike from Durham’ might almost make you love Coach K | This is the loop


If you were to ask us for our opinion on the Coach K Retirement Tour, we would sum it up in one word: Meh. It hasn’t been as sugary or sycophantic as we’d hoped, but it still feels a bit self-satisfied, a bit “made for TV”. Not that Mike Krzyzewski hasn’t earned his moment, it’s just that he’s had plenty over the years and it seems like it’s someone else’s turn now. Thankfully, though, the traveling road show saved its most endearing moment for last Thursday, when Krzyzewski called his old friend/foe Jim Boeheim’s radio show posing as “Mike from Durham.” Check it out.

Needless to say, “Mike from Durham” didn’t fool old Jimbo for a second. Boeheim sniffed out the trick faster than you can spell “Krzyzewski” and why wouldn’t he? Both legendary coaches—NAY, establishments– have met 16 times over the years, with Coach K holding the 11-5 advantage over their rival. Boeheim will be looking to salvage that on a Saturday night and continue their climb to Coach K’s Division 1 winning record of 1,170 wins (and counting). Boeheim, 77, is second all-time on the list but has work to do, it takes 188 more to catch Krzyzewski.

That number could drop to 187 after Saturday night, but you wouldn’t bet on that. OrangeMen pretty much need to win to make the ACC tournament and then make a deep run there if they want a chance to make The Big Dance. Duke is seventh favorite to win the whole thing at +1500 according to FanDuel. That said, the game is at the Carrier Dome and, as Durham’s Mike notes, there’s supposed to be a foot of fresh snow on the ground by the time the Blue Devils arrive. Maybe Jim from Syracuse will have the last laugh.


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