Caroline Beasley calls for Fort Myers radio show


(By Ed Ryan) Thursday is the official 60th anniversary of Beasley Media, the company the late George Beasley founded with a 500-watt AM radio station in a small town in North Carolina. CEO Caroline Beasley called on The Stan & Haney Show on WRXK in Fort Myers on Tuesday to talk about the company’s success and longevity.

Beasley told the story of his childhood on the radio and how the family stopped and visited radio stations while on vacation. She shared memories of going to those early stations that the family also owned – and how she waited and waited for George to finish so they could return home. “He always had one more thing to do,” she said. “I was born in the business, I grew up in the business, just like my brothers. We are grateful that he shared his vision with all of us.

That first station – WPYB – was in Benson, NC, and the call letters stood for “We Promote Your Business.” Beasley now has over 60 stations in medium and large markets across the country.

Kent Dunn has been with Beasley for 29 years. He is now the General Manager of the Augusta and Fayetteville markets. “I can really say it’s a family business. All of us, longtime employees, are treated like family and we feel lucky to be a part of this great company. Caroline, Bruce, Brian and of course George have developed this culture and it has served our communities well for the past 60 years. Here are 60 more.

Stan and Haney, hosts of the Caroline Called Tuesday afternoon show, were with Beasley 30 and 29, respectively. Stan told Caroline that they had both worked at many stations that did not have the same dedication as the Beasley family. “We wish we could have been here for over 30 years. We would not have had to deal with the problems of the previous radios we worked for.

George Beasley with WXRK Fort Myers Welcomes Stan & Haney

Haney said George personally came to the studio to congratulate the duo on their 5,000th show in 2013. “Getting a pat on the back from George was a big deal.” Stan added that George shared his vision with everyone. “He wanted to make sure we knew the importance of this business and the responsibility we have in this business. He instilled it in his employees.

Caroline replied, “My brothers and I love the business. We love our listeners. We love to serve communities and we love employees because without you we wouldn’t be here. We are rooting for another 60 years. There are a lot of Beasleys in the family and a lot of non-Beasleys who can run this business as well. Radio is changing, we are involved in digital and e-sport. Everything is very exciting.

Mac Edwards, Beasley’s market manager in Detroit, told Radio Ink he was very lucky to have joined Beasley over 30 years ago. “The family atmosphere of the company and its commitment to the community spoke to me a lot from day one. I have always appreciated the company’s desire to invest in our brands and our people, to remain agile, to look to the future and to offer growth opportunities to employees. They are involved. Caroline, Brian, Bruce and Brad are always a phone call or email away. And, they undoubtedly remain committed to growing Beasley Media and strengthening the tremendous legacy started by their parents, George and Ann. Hi to 60 and many more.

Radio ink President and Editor Deborah Parenti, who also worked for Beasley for two years during her television career, said: “The legacy of Beasley Media Group is not found in any number, either in terms of longevity. , station agreements or number of employees. Rather, it stems from Founder George Beasley’s commitment to loyalty, an insatiable quest for learning, and an unwavering dedication to family. This is what made George Beasley an inspiration to many and the founding directors who continue to guide the company that bears his name.

Haney concluded the interview with Caroline Beasley on Tuesday afternoon saying, “The level of respect for Caroline in this business is unprecedented. He’s a superstar.

As part of the 60th celebration, Beasley stations will air specially produced on-air messages thanking listeners, advertisers and local communities for their continued support over the past six decades.


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