Boston entrepreneur Walid Samaha featured on morning radio show


Walid Samaha was interviewed on August 24 on the Billy & Lisa on the morning show as “the most connected man in Boston”. Walid operates a lifestyle marketing agency in Boston that focuses on celebrity relationships to build client brand visibility.

Boston entrepreneur Walid Samaha owns brand marketing agency Foundation Group, in addition to being part of a hotel group, which owns the Bijou nightclub and several restaurants. Walid is known as “the most connected man in Boston” for a reason: he seems to know everyone. An avid Boston Celtics fan, he can often be found on the field with a variety of celebrities.

He was featured on August 24 on the Morning Show’s Billy & Lisa in Boston, where he shared some of his experiences and demonstrated some of his celebrity relationships. Walid is a passionate supporter of the Celtics and his local community and was thrilled to be featured on the radio show.

Develop brand awareness and visibility

Being in marketing, Walid spends a lot of time online and knows what it takes to increase brand awareness and visibility for his clients. He is often able to use his connections to facilitate celebrity partnerships and corporate collaborations. Part of his skill comes from knowing which celebrities to associate with a brand to benefit both parties.

“Foundation Group is a lifestyle marketing agency focused on being heard above all the noise,” Walid said. “By focusing on celebrity relationships, we can help your brand become everyone’s favorite brand.”

Brands rely on building public awareness of their product to expand their target audience, and Walid is an expert at getting products on the consumer’s radar. From the marketing of luxury products to hotel services, Walid Samaha listens to business circles.

Use social media as a tool

Walid Samaha has mastered the art of social media and uses it as a tool to facilitate his marketing efforts. His celebrity-heavy Instagram posts lend credibility to his marketing agency, and his success rate with national and international brands speaks for itself. Walid helps facilitate celebrity endorsements and collaborations for her clients, helping to increase their brand reach.

Go Viral

Samaha works with clients to create advertising campaigns in hopes of going viral, which can have unprecedented effects on brand awareness. Getting people talking about a specific brand or service is Walid’s specialty, as evidenced by his successful track record.


Walid Samaha plans to continue building and sharing relationships to expand his network of contacts for the benefit of his clients. Brands need to expand their target audience to stay relevant, and Foundation Group can help. The best advertising in the world is still useless if the right customers don’t see it. Walid helps brands identify their target audience and direct their marketing efforts where they are most effective. Brands interested in working with Walid should visit Foundation Group for more information.

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